Organic AHA acids enriched with cosmetics help address topical skin problems, from acne to signs of aging skin. AHA acids effectively regulate skin’s moisture balance, sebaceous gland activity, and immunity. It directly affects a particular problem, so the skin begins to act as a client’s personal physiological healthy rhythm of the skin.

The combination of ODM cosmetic ingredients not only solves complex dermatological problems, but also excite the vitality of the skin. In this way, it not only revives, but continues to maintain its shape. It is an effective effect and a lasting result.

The philosophy of our company is to follow time-tested research, reliable tools and coherent practical work in the field of cosmetology.

    Juvederm® ULTRA is an intact gel that is injected subcutaneously to create volume, smooth out wrinkles and wrinkles, and adjust the lips contours.
The advanced structure of the gel determines the consistency of its consistency. Unlike other fillers, Juvederm® ULTRA is homogeneous. This means that this gel evenly spreads under the skin, gives it a sleekness and provides a natural look. Juvederm® ULTRA also contains a local anesthetic – lidocaine, which ensures that you feel comfortable during the procedure.

    Laboratoires FILORGA (France) is a recognized worldwide reputed and reputed company specializing in the production of aesthetic medical products that inhibit skin aging and youthful skin rejuvenation. For more than 35 years, Laboratoires FILORGA has been developing medical products for aesthetic specialists, as well as cosmetics based on the latest technology and designed for a wide range of users. Laboratoires FILORGA always takes into account the latest research in the manufacture and refinement of its products, mesotherapy, tissue fillers, acid scrubs and skin care cosmetics. The company has its own research base, conducts in-depth research on aging cells to develop new products.


    BABOR is the pioneer of German beauty. Established in 1956 by Dr. Michaelis Babor, a well-known biochemist, the company was purposefully oriented towards innovation, thus becoming a professional cosmetic company.

In the past 55 years, the BABOR Research and Innovation Center has revealed the secret of nature, processed it with high tech, and then used it to create unique products. These products combine natural power, scientific energy and optimal quality. The Research Department has been the pillar of the company from the outset, which has helped BABOR enter into a leading position among other international competitors.

Collaboration between interdisciplinary teams of scientists, massage specialists, research institutes and renowned universities ensures that all BABOR products and treatments are at the highest level. In addition, the efficiency and effectiveness of products have clearly improved over the life of the company. Most of the active ingredients are extracted from the world’s natural plants and are environmentally friendly. Each product corresponds to the symbol “Beauty Made in Germany”.

Each individual product line has undergone in-depth quality control, which includes the development of BABOR products in its own laboratories, the production process, and dispatch.