Procedūros kojoms

   Pedicure is not just for beauty. Pedicure is especially important for women due to the fact that the well-lit, well-groomed nails are flashing through the open bowel front. However, according to beauty experts, pedicure is worth noting just because of the beautiful nail. It is also beneficial to the feet. Our skin consists of even three main layers. The very upper horny layer has the ability to regenerate – the cells of the crumbled (dead skin) that permanently separate it are removed. And since the underarm skin is four times thicker than other parts of the body, dead skin cells need to be removed quite often. Foot skin reacts to extreme pressure due to body weight, deformed feet or uncomfortable, excessive footwear. Cured foot skin loses elasticity, prevents breathing and restores deeper tissues. For these reasons, you can begin to split between the toes, heels. Foot stumps push deeper tissues and nerve endings. Regular care of the foot skin and pedicure will make it easy to avoid similar troubles. So do a regular pedicure – first of all, not aesthetic, as we often think, but a prophylactic procedure for healthy feet.

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