Mesotherapy is the injection of microscopic doses of special cocktails (mixing different formulations, depending on the patient’s problem) into very thin and short needles under the skin. The concept of this procedure is simple: low, rarely and in the right place. The preparations contain mixtures of different preparations: hyaluronic acid, vitamins (A, E, C, B, K), amino acids, trace elements (Zn, Co, Mg, P, S), minerals, coenzymes, complexes of organic acids, plant extracts , antioxidants, lipolytics, homeopathic and biotechnological products. The composition of cocktails varies depending on the problem being solved in each case. When exposed to these substances, the skin tone and elasticity are restored, the skin becomes moister, the fine wrinkles are leveled, the mesolifting effect is observed.
Facial mesotherapy can eliminate many of the cosmetic imperfections of the skin. As mesotherapy is used to stimulate deep skin layers, the result will not be detected immediately, which is normal, since the epidermal renewal takes place after 28-30 days. Already after the first procedures you will notice – the improvement of the color and tone of the skin, the natural stimulation of cell regeneration, which results in the smoothing of the small folds and significantly decreases the deep, the skin gets a glow. The face looks refreshed and updated.
What kind of aesthetic problems can be solved with mesotherapy?

  • Skin aging (for its prophylaxis and treatment)

  • Photo session

  • Dry, Atonic Skin

  • Wrinkles

  • Fatty, smoky skin

  • Oily, porous skin

  • Loss of elasticity and flaccid skin

  • Increased skin pigmentation

  • Bags under the eyes, darkened by tanks

  • Double fader

  • Cellulite, Streams

  • Hair loss (after stress, childbirth, in case of focal orrogenic baldness)

  • For weak, fractured, loss of vitality

  • Scars (postage, after trauma)