Mesotherapy for hair – the latest service, which has become very popular in the treatment of dry and scalp hair. Hair cosotherapy will be attractive to any woman, thanks to micro-injections, hair is beautiful and healthy.
Mesotherapy cocktails are both synthesized in the laboratory, as well as natural ingredients – vitamins, vasodilators, and the like. The choice of mesotherapy cocktail depends on the problem of hair mesotherapy.
With its help, the medicinal products fall directly into the hair follicle. The composition of hair-mesotherapy cocktails includes a variety of substances that nourish the hair follicle, which improves blood and oxygen supply. Mesotherapy has long-lasting effects on hair and often helps to resolve such severe problems as baldness (alopecia) and also suppresses the appearance of graying hair. The new hair starts to grow actively, as well as the hair’s mesotherapy prolongs the life of already grown hair.
To sum up, it can be stated that:

  • Hair Mesotherapy effectively stimulates their growth;

  • Hair Masotherapy is the most effective treatment for baldness;

  • Hair-mesotherapy has a long-lasting effect, it stops the appearance of graying hair.